YoutubeMovieMaker 16.21

A versatile video editor to create, convert, and upload movies
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YouTube Movie Maker can perform various functions related to videos. Thus, it lets you make movies, convert between media formats, and upload the results of your work to YouTube. In addition, it allows other more specific operations.

Unfortunately, this program’s graphic user interface seems somewhat messy to me. In my opinion, the solutions for putting so many features into a single application were not always effective in terms of usability, which means that some users may feel disoriented at first. Luckily for them, there is a wizard to help them create very basic movies as well as the possibility of using templates to produce movies in batches.

In terms of video editing, the program allows you to produce quite simple clips, without the sophisticated effects that are possible with other similar tools. However, it does support importing multiple types of media objects, including videos, audio, text, and pictures, and arranging them on various layers along a timeline. Moreover, you can perform some operations, such as trimming, cutting, splitting and adding effects. Finally, it also has some quite special features, such as Lyric Maker and Particle Generator.

Once you have finished the editing process, you can proceed to render the video. The tool allows two main ways to share the results: saving them as a file on your hard drive or uploading them to YouTube. It is a shame that only MP4 is available as output format, though.

In general, YouTube Movie Maker may be the right application to create home videos. However, it is far from having as many features as the best tools of its type. Yet, it is OK to try, perhaps it is what you have been looking for. It has three editions, Free, Gold, and Platinum. Awkwardly, the free one is also limited to creating videos within a five-minute length.

Pedro Castro
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Review summary


  • Versatile tool
  • Sharing on YouTube
  • Support of multiple media formats
  • Built-in lyric maker
  • Batch support


  • Not as sophisticated as other similar tools
  • Messy interface
  • Only MP4 supported as output format
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